"I feel freedom from restraint that I didn’t even know I had.."

"Mikayla is one of the most caring, understanding and patient people I know. I was very impressed by how thoroughly she researched my background and goals and then tailored my programming taking into account all of this information. Mikayla takes the time to actually listen which can be rare these days. Her methods don’t include adding you to a programme with hundreds of others following the same plan but that everyone is on their own journey and this individualisation has been key to my progress thus far.


After years and years of ‘dieting’, I felt quite knowledgeable about myself and my understanding of food. I knew that I ‘should’ eat lots of nutritious vegetables and so in an effort to get them into my diet I would blend them up every night to eat in paste form.  I’d put off eating said paste until eleven at night and under the surface just knowing I ‘needed’  to eat them before bed added stress and negativity to my evening.  Realising this, we decided that my goals were less focused on losing fat but more on healing my relationship with food. I knew that being fussy had made some aspects of childhood tricky but it wasn’t even clear to me how negative my relationship with food was Mikayla highlighted to me that I was focused solely on what I ‘shouldn’t’ be eating and the surrounding guilt lead to yet more ‘bad’ binges.  


Weekly chats with Mikayla have always brought me back to what is most important in the long term. She is always professional and well prepared for our calls with a focus area to discuss and simple goals to implement over the course of the week. There is always no pressure to fulfil these. I now only eat vegetables if I want to and mix a huge variety of them in with main meals like curries and chillies. This is a massive step for me and supports my wishes to inspire my daughter to be an intuitive eater as she grows up. I feel freedom from restraint that I didn’t even know I had put onto myself. This has not only been applicable to my food but also other aspects of my life.


If I were considering whether or not to try out this programme I would absolutely recommend it. The 20-minute complimentary call will allow you to see how knowledgeable and supportive Mikayla has also highlighted that sometimes you need and deserve to put yourself, your health and happiness, first."

Sarah T, One-to-One Coaching Client 



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